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Anonymous asked: Coaches and Teams, do you notice how all the coaches and skaters at champs behave like professionals with the Referees? Maybe to be a champion you need to act like a champion.

All of them (?)

Anonymous asked: Sometimes I hate my league. There, Ive said it. The most of the girls are really nice persons but only a few take the sport seriously and worry more about photos/ dressing up/ being interviewed/ looking cool than actually putting in hours and doing the work. And its driving me crazy - I just wanna play the sport and be part of a competetive team. Unfortunately I live in a small town, there's only one league, I dont have any choice if I wanna keep playing derby.

Just skate.

Anonymous asked: You couldn't pass minimum evals so you and your board-wives drove off our real coach so you could become coach? Then your group drove off every single veteran player on the team so crappy-ego-camera-hogs could be the star players? Good job. You lost every game this season and have no skaters left outside your loser clique. Not a one of you knows a thing about derby. Good thing there's 5 other teams in the area who welcomed the skilled, dedicated players with open arms.

Good thing indeed.

Anonymous asked: So you don't want your child to hit her friends in a friendly demo bout... then don't let your kid playing effing roller derby :/ this is what happens when parents try and run the show....

3-2-1…no contact.

Anonymous asked: I don't care if we all need to go to gym ... fuck off i like being fat

Go big girl.

Anonymous asked: Just because you run a shitty podcast doesn't mean you are involved in the derby community or get an opinion. You do nothing for our sport but put down teams, skaters, and the rule set. Go away.

But I like my own voice

Anonymous asked: Announcers need to stop commenting on strategy. We don't care if you dislike passive offense, your job is to call the game, not give your opinion. The WFTDA needs to do a better job at picking announcers for the broadcast.

Explain why it is a strategy perhaps.

Anonymous asked: You broke up a teammate's marriage! She's too nice to do anything about it, but the rest of us will be gunning for you at every scrimmage forever.

For ever and ever forever. Just like marriage?

Anonymous asked: Everyone wants FREE SHIT - I get it - BUT is that really the brand of free shit you want - you can polish and colour a turd BUT its still a turd - Get some real skates

But I’m sponsored, by a turd.

Anonymous asked: Dear fellow referees, there comes a point when no amount of 'support' makes up for not reading the rules. No amount of 'be nice to the refs' lectures corrects you poor understanding or interpretation. There are excellent refs in the world because THEY did what had to be done to become that way. You ever ask yourself, hey maybe I'm not very good because I don't work hard at it? Or practice it? At what point does it stop being someone else fault? Be an excellent ref... not the one full of excuses

Fucking PREACH